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Top Songs You Need to Add to Your 2022 & 2023 Wedding Playlist

There are so many different aspects that go into curating the perfect wedding day for you and your partner- the right venue, the right officiant, the right catering and so much more. As wedding planners, we know there is one aspect that plays a critical role throughout the entire day…and that is the wedding day playlist.

From your morning playlist while getting ready for the big day all the way until the very last song of the night- the music you play throughout your wedding day plays such an important role in setting the vibes for you, your wedding party and your guests. So we sat down and talked with our team, our friends in the industry and our recent couples to curate 28 of the best songs right now that you should consider adding into your wedding day playlist. So grab your head phones and note pad and let's dive into the top wedding playlist songs for 2022 and into 2023.

Songs to Play While You’re Getting Ready on your Wedding Morning

First up, we have the morning of your wedding. Now, this playlist is slightly geared towards the bride and the bridal party but this list can go for the groom and the grooms party as well. When we tell you, it is CRUCIAL that you start off the day on the right foot…it is crucial! Your wedding morning will set the mood for the entire day for you and your wedding party. Not to mention, a good playlist is really great at shaking those wedding day jitters and nerves and ensuring you are relaxed, excited and have the very best time jamming with your best friends while you get ready for the best day of your life! So, here are the top song recommendations for your wedding morning playlist for 2022 and into 2023:


Lizzo - 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)

Calvin Harris - Potion (ft Dua Lipa & Young Thug)

Jack Harlow - First Class

Harry Styles- As It Was

Okay, quick PSA- we are adding in these next two songs ONLY if there are no kids around…or any family members/ future in-laws that would not approve of R rated content. They are most definitely R rated but we simply couldn’t pass up adding them in.

Latto - Big Energy

Nicki Minaj - Super Freaky Girl

Songs to Consider Walking Down the Aisle To

Next decision on the wedding playlist schedule is choosing which song you or your partner will walk down the aisle to. Typically, this is the moment all of your guests will see you for the first time and if you opt not to do a first look with your partner - then this will be the first time your partner sees you as well…so, it is important to pick a song that suits you and brings about all of those beautiful wedding day feelings.

Now, of course there are the classic wedding songs that we all know and love. These are usually versions of Mendelssohn's "The Wedding March" or Pachelbel's "Canon in D Major." These melodies are truly elegant and timeless and we love when our couples opt for them but we are definitely seeing these songs used less as time goes on. So, if you are on the hunt for something different for you and your partner - here are some unique songs that we are really loving for this monumental moment.

Music Travel Love - The Only One

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes - Home | Piano Cover

Ben Platt - Imagine

John Adams- Amen

Zach Bryan - Something in the Orange | Instrumental version

PSA before you listen to this one: This song as the instrumental version is SO beautiful and we have seen several people use it throughout their wedding day, BUT only the instrumental version. This is because this song is actually a break up song! I know, it sounds weird to even think of using it on your wedding day and if you are superstitious- maybe opt out of this one. We just had to include it because the instrumental version is so powerful and beautiful and a lot of couples are finding it to be a really great addition to their wedding day playlist! Let us know what you think!

Songs to Consider for Your First Dance

Now, we all know your first dance song selection is a big one. This will not just be a song you dance to and then move on- your first dance song becomes you and your partner's “song” for all the years to come so it is most definitely a big decision!

So we asked our team, others in the industry, our couples who are currently doing the research for their upcoming weddings and friends who have attended weddings recently to see what their take was on their favorite first dance songs they have liked or heard recently. Here is what we were told.

Dan + Shay - You

Gabby Barrett- The Good Ones (Wedding Version)

Canyon City- Catch Fire

Black and white by Niall Horan

Callum Scott + Leona Lewis - You Are The Reason

Songs to Add to Your Wedding Reception Playlist

We could argue that there is absolutely nothing more influential to the vibes of your wedding reception than the playlist. The worst thing to see is all of your guests sitting down and an empty dance floor during the reception! So, it is SO important that you incorporate songs that will get the party started and have your guests dancing all night long. Here are a few of the top trending songs of 2022 and into 2023 that are guaranteed to get your guests moving and make for an epic night of dancing and celebrating!

Benny Blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg - Bad Decisions

Harry Styles- Music for a Sushi Restaurant

Lizzo - About Damn Time


Camila Cabello - Bam Bam (featuring Ed Sheeran)

Songs to Consider if You Are Having a Last Dance

Many couples are choosing to add in a last dance to their wedding day timeline. At the end of the night, once all of the dancing and toasts are complete, they have all of the wedding guests exit the venue. Then, the couple enjoys those last few moments to really soak in the whole night with a private last dance - just the two of them.

This really is such a special way to end your monumental day and gives you and your partner some much needed time to soak it all in. If you are thinking of incorporating a last dance into your wedding, take a look at these beautiful options for your last dance song selection!

Sun - Sleeping at Last

Jordan Davis - Buy Dirt (featuring Luke Bryan)

Ariana Grande - Stuck with U

Skylar Grey - Stand By Me

Kodaline - The One

Touching Heaven - Johnnyswim

Okay, I don't know about you but after listening to all of these beautiful songs, we are SO ready for our next wedding. There is just something about the songs throughout your big day that make it that much more of a memorable experience and we can’t emphasize enough how important of a role music plays in your wedding day. We hope you found some beautiful inspiration here. Leave a comment if you are using any of these songs in your wedding playlist or if you have any other songs you would like to recommend!

To all of our 2023 brides and grooms here in Southern California - when it comes time to start the wedding planning process, please check out Finerr Weddings and Events. Along with our great taste in music, we also have great taste in all things weddings! Our team at Finerr Weddings and Events are here to make your dream wedding a reality! We take so much pride in delivering high-quality events that leave your guests in awe! Our goal is to inspire, create the extraordinary, and leave an impression that lasts a lifetime but most importantly, create your dream wedding that you will look back on and cherish forever and ever! Learn more about the services we offer @

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