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Unique and Thoughtful Wedding Favors

There is an endless list of items to check off your list while planning out your wedding and a lot of times, the wedding favors get pushed to the very end of the list. When this happens, it usually ends up being something that gets left in the dust by wedding guests and you’re left with a giant box full of koozies and a whole lot of money wasted. On the other hand, wedding favors can actually be a very memorable part of your wedding day for your guests if you take the time to think outside the box and find a gift that is thoughtful and meaningful to you and your partner.

So, gone are the days of boring wedding favors that just get left behind!! We are here to spark your creativity with some really unique, thoughtful and useful wedding favor ideas that you guests will not only take home with them, but actually use and enjoy! Check out a wedding planner’s list of our favorite ideas for wedding favors WITH direct links on where to find them! Happy planning, friends!

Were going to start off with a couple of really cute, eco-friendly wedding favors. It really is important to be conscious of the ecological footprint of your wedding and there are so many easy ways to ensure you are doing your best for our planet while planning the wedding of your dreams. Here are a few wedding favors that are memorable, that your guests will actually use and best of all - that are also good for this beautiful planet of ours!

“Let Love Grow” wildflower seeds. Check out these cute, customized packets of wildflowers that your guests can take home and plant. Your family and friends will have a beautiful reminder of your wedding day for years and years to come! Check them out here.

Loose leaf tea capsules. We love a wedding favor that guests get to take with them and enjoy at home. These pretty capsules filled with loose leaf tea with a little love note attached is a sweet and fun favor for wedding guests. Here is a really cute option!

Bird seed hearts. We saw these used as a bridal shower favor recently and fell in love. It is such a sweet and fun gift for guests to take home. They can hang in their yard, on their porch or even at their local park and enjoy hours to days of entertainment watching the birds come to enjoy it. Super memorable and also wonderful for the environment! Order yours today here.

Locally sourced handmade soap or lotion. This is another great gift idea that your guests will actually use and enjoy. It is also a great way to support local small businesses as well! We had a couple do this recently and matched it to their signature drink! Their signature cocktail was Lavender Bee’s Knee’s (gin, honey and lavender simple syrup) and had honey lavender mini soap bars as a wedding favor. Pure genius, I tell you! Here is a sweet example!

Next, we will go over a few super useful wedding favors! These are going to be gifts that bring great benefit to everyone at the wedding. Your guests will not only be able to use these favors during your wedding, but also when they get home as well. We really love practical wedding favors like these because they add so much benefit to your guests' time during the event and they are always money well spent!

Customized flip flops. Listen, if you are looking to have the reception of all receptions and want your guests to dance the night away…THIS is the wedding favor for you! Customized flip flops are so incredibly useful. Your guests and their happy feet will thank you at the end of the night. Not to mention, you are way more likely to have a full dance floor until the very last song with these super handy wedding favors. It's a win win! Check out these cute customizable wedding flip flops here!

Customized Sunglasses. Is your wedding reception outside? Is your wedding reception outside during daylight hours? Do you just want all of your guests to look super cool on the dance floor? If you said yes to any of these, then some customized sunglasses may just be the perfect wedding favor for you! Although, we will note - if you don’t want your guests to be wearing sunglasses during your ceremony - definitely recommend ensuring that the wedding favors are not handed out until after the ceremony! Find some really cute customized sunglasses here.

Blankets and/or Shawls. On the same note as the sunglasses, if you are planning to have your wedding during colder months or in a location that is cold (especially if any part of the day will be outside) a blanket and/or shawl wedding favor could be perfect for you! Your guests that didn’t bring proper jackets will thank you. Also, having everyone wearing similar shawls during the reception and on the dance floor can make for some great photos! Find a really great option here.

Crayons and a coloring book. Now, this favor is specifically for those couples who are opting to invite children to their wedding. Trust us, the parents will be the ones enjoying this favor the most when they get the chance to get some dancing in while the kids are fully entertaining themselves. They also make customized coloring books with photos of the couple for kids to color. They really do make for super cute mementos for kids to take home along with the initial entertainment value. Check them out here!

This last set of wedding favor ideas are ones that are super personalized to the couple and the wedding that we just truly love. We believe that a wedding favor is always so much more memorable when it is super personalized to the couple and thought out. These are a few thoughtful favors that we have seen and simply fell in love with!

Native or traditional food and drinks from your honeymoon destination. We LOVE this wedding favor idea so much. To allow guests to enjoy a little taste from your honeymoon with you is just so sweet and thoughtful. Examples of this include: Mini limoncello bottles if you’re honeymooning in Italy. Beignet mix if you’re going to New Orleans. Swiss chocolate for Switzerland, Maple syrup for Canada, mini wine bottle for Napa, Kalamata olives for Greece. The possibilities are endless and this always ends up being such a sweet touch at a wedding…not to mention, food and drink wedding favors are always a good idea!

Dog treats. Okay, this may sound like a super weird wedding favor at first but let us explain. A lot of couples are wanting to incorporate their dogs into their wedding day and it is not always feasible to have them attend. A really cute way to include your pup in your big day is to have little goody bags with dog treats in them and have the gift be “from” your dog to your guest’s dogs. This is, of course geared towards the dog lovers out there…but we always love a good dog loving couple! Find the cutest little dog treat goody bags here.

Donation to a charitable organization. If you want to really make sure your budget towards wedding favors is used well, a great idea is to have donation cards in lieu of a physical gift. Guests will be able to fill in the organization of their choice and the amount of money set aside for favors will in turn be donated to charities close to your guests' hearts. This is the ultimate wedding favor. Although it does take more time and effort than the typical wedding favor, it is absolutely worth it and you can feel so good knowing that this budget is going to a really great place. Check out these customized donation cards.

Those are just a handful of some really unique, fun and thoughtful wedding favors that we are loving right now. We hope that you have found some inspiration here and these ideas can be used for an array of different events as well! At the end of the day, giving your guests a little something that they can remember and enjoy from your wedding day is simply the best and it does not have to be the traditional coozie or bag of jordan almonds. The possibilities are endless!

If you are just getting into the wedding planning process and are located in Southern California, please check out Finerr Weddings and Events! We would absolutely love to help you plan the wedding of your dreams -all the way down to the fine details (like picking the perfect wedding favors). We truly pride ourselves here at Finerr Weddings Events on delivering top-rated wedding services along with our many years of expertise! Our goal with every wedding is to inspire, create the extraordinary and leave an impression that will last a lifetime. Learn more about what we offer at

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