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Wedding Trends for 2023

2022 could be named “The Year of the Weddings” based on how big the boom was this year. Following two years of lockdowns, cancellations, postponements and tons of restrictions - we are now seeing such a huge shift in wedding trends, concepts and traditions…and that shift is only going to continue in 2023!

Finerr Weddings and Events is here to break down some of the top wedding trends we are seeing as wedding planners in Southern California in the second half of 2022 and into 2023. To all of our 2023 brides - take a look at these trends and let us know if you are planning to incorporate any of them into your big day!

Photo and Video shot on film

We are starting to see a wave of couples who are asking for film photography for their portrait shots…and let me tell you, we are seriously loving this trend! The vintage feel and super romantic vibe that film photography captures is just simply something you cannot obtain with a digital camera. It is a total vibe and couples are absolutely in love with the outcome every time. Depending on the photographer, some will offer a combo of both film and digital. That way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by getting those crisp clear family photos and details but then also having those super dreamy portraits of you and your boo with the film photography.

On that same note- couples are choosing the same for their wedding videos as well. Wedding videos shot on Super 8 film ends up looking like a classic romance film circa 2023…it is EVERYTHING. So for any hopeless romantic couples out there, we definitely recommend looking into these options and checking to see if your photographers and videographers offer them. You won’t regret it!

Alternative First Kiss Shot

Okay, so we all know by this point that it is crucial to ensure that your officiant knows to move out of the way when it comes time for the smooch so that the infamous first kiss photo doesn’t have them standing in the background. But, what if we told you that you won’t need to worry about that if you opt for this next trend? Okay, well get to the point!

We are starting to see a trend that couples are asking their photographer to capture their first kiss from the opposite direction! Instead of having your altar, officiant and backdrop in the first kiss shot, you will instead have your altar, wedding guests and entrance in the photo. We must say, we were skeptical at first but the results are truly beautiful! You get to capture the pure joy and happiness of your guests in the moment and it can really be a heartwarming alternative to the traditional shot. If you have more than one photographer on your photo team…you can always ask them to capture both aspects so you don’t have to choose!

Bright Florals

Photo by Nicholas G Photography

Gone are the days of all neutral florals because bright, bold and beautiful are making their comeback. Okay, that might be a little dramatic. Many couples are still going with gorgeous neutrals for their floral selection BUT we have definitely seen a huge increase in the number of couples who are wanting to make more of a statement with their flowers!

We are seeing a lot of jewel tones arrangements and bouquets with bright, beautiful pops of color. So brides-to-be, what do you think? Are you here for the bright floral comeback or will you be sticking with more dreamy neutral tones for your wedding? We honestly love both but we’re happy to see some pops of color sneaking their way back into the spotlight.

Eco-Friendly Details

Okay, it's 2022 and it is most definitely cool (and super important) to care about the environment. It is important nowadays to do our part in protecting this beautiful planet of ours and to be mindful of how we are helping to care for it. When it comes to their wedding, many 2023 couples are taking those extra steps to ensure their wedding is as eco-friendly as possible- and it is not as hard as you think! There are so many super easy ways to minimize your wedding’s footprint! Here are just a few of many ways we have been seeing our couples hold eco-friendly weddings.

A really easy one is rentals! Renting items like linens, napkins, flatware, and even décor instead of purchasing new is a wonderful way to incorporate reusable items and have a green wedding. Also, eco-friendly couples are avoiding single use items like paper plates and plastic cups. Opting for locally sourced catering is another really good way to reduce your wedding footprint.

A really cute idea - we have had couples use leaves instead of confetti and let me tell you, it is SO cute. Grab yourself a heart shaped hole puncher and some dried leaves and you have yourself environmentally friendly (not to mention, adorable) confetti! Another great thing to consider is reducing paper waste by opting for digital Save the Dates and/or invitations! We had one couple who sent out thank you cards made from cardboard and seeds that their guests could plant…and they were such a hit!

After Party Mini Dress

This next one is for the brides…especially the brides who are ready to have themselves a GOOD time at their wedding reception. We welcome the After Party Bridal Mini Dress…thanks Kourtney Kardashian?! More and more brides are choosing to do an outfit change but not in the typical way. Instead of changing before heading into the reception…brides are waiting until after the formalities of dinner, speeches and first dances are complete. Once it’s time to kick the party into high gear, they are then choosing to do an outfit change into the most rad, bridal mini dresses!

We love this trend so so much because the worst thing to see is a bride, covered in spilled champagne stains, struggling to break it down like they truly want to because their dress is just too big or constricting. So 2023 brides-to-be, we highly consider taking up this trend and slipping into something more comfortable when it comes time to party. And let’s be honest, we always stan a good outfit change!

Having a Private Last Dance

Okay, I know we’ve said we love all of these 2023 wedding trends but we really do love this last one…and that is having a private last dance! This does take a bit of planning on the logistics side of things- so as wedding planners, this shows our commitment to really loving this trend.

At the end of the night, once all of the dancing and toasts are complete, we have all of the wedding guests and wedding party exit the venue. Then, we give our couple those last few moments to really soak in the whole night with a private last dance - just the two of them. This really is such a special way to end your monumental day and gives you and your partner some much needed time to soak it all in. Not to mention, the photos are always simply amazing. Just you and your partner, in your venue, ending the very best day of your lives together with a private moment. We swooooon!

There truly are so many ways to plan a wedding day that perfectly suits you and your partner. Despite all of the trends or traditions, what matters most at the end of the day is that your wedding encompasses you as a couple and that you both have the very best day of your lives. These are just a few of the trends that we are loving to see come into play in late 2022 and into 2023 and we hope that all of our future brides and grooms found some inspiration here.

To all of our 2023 brides and grooms here in Southern California - when it comes time to start the wedding planning process, please check out Finerr Weddings and Events. No matter what trends you choose to include, exclude or create, our team at Finerr Weddings and Events are here to make your dream wedding a reality! We take so much pride in delivering high-quality events that leave your guests in awe! Our goal is to inspire, create the extraordinary, and leave an impression that lasts a lifetime but most importantly, create YOUR dream wedding that you will look back on and cherish forever and ever! Learn more about the services we offer @

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